Is CBP correct for this case?


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Hi everyone, I have a question regarding my two I-94 and hope you can help me out.

I changed from F1 to H1B in Jan.2010 and got the I797 with a green I94 attached. The green I94 is valid until Dec.2012.

In July 2010, I left and reentered USA. When I left, the custom officer took my F-1 I94 from my old passport but did not ask for that green I94. When I reentered, I got a new white I94. Since my old passport will expire this November, the white I-94 has an expiration date July 11,2011.

Today I took the green i94 and white I94 to CBP to ask if I am legal or not.And the officer there told me that even if the white copy was issued after the green copy, the green one still rules. Which means I am still on status in the USA.

I am not sure if he is correct or not. Just worry about that. If anybody here has experience about that, please help me!

Thank you so much!

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