Parent travel back & forth to India while visiting USA


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My mother is planning to travel to India while she is on a Visitor's VISA in USA, for 2 weeks and return back to the USA.


Basically , my mother is staying here from Jan to July. But planning to visit India briefly in Feb and come back to USA in 2 weeks.


Is it possible to do so? Would it cause problems at port of entry during re-entry?


Please let me know of any precautions to take.





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A visitor is never "returning back" to the US. That would indicate that the person is living here, which is not allowed for visitors.

She can return back to her home country, and later visit again.

The rule of thumb is that a visitor should be more in his or her home country than the US. It is recommended that a visitor stays abroad for at least twice as long as the visit to the US was before coming for another visit.

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You cannot keep coming back to the US.. As Joe said , she cannot 'return' to the US , only visit. I would not recommend her coming back within 2 months personally ... Every time she leaves she should be out of country atleast 6 months , more to be safer. They can cancel visa at POE and it is a traumatic experience for most older folks.

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