Visa Stamping Experience Vancouver, Canada (12th Jan 2016)


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Visa Date: 12th Jan 2016

Just before taking 10 fingerprinting, they told me that PIMS is not updated. They attached a note on passport that NoPIMS. He told me that VO will manually enter some of your data and I should not be worried much. 


Interview details...

Me: Hello Officer

VO: Hello, May I have your passport and I797

Me: (Gave passport, I797 and DS 160 confirmation page to VO)

VO: Who is your employer?

Me: XYZ is my employer

VO: Can I see your job offer

Me: Here it is. (Gave Job offer letter and employment verification letter)

VO: May I see your LCA

Me: LCA and Petition are stapled together officer, here is the bundle (Gave bundle)

VO: Do you work at client site

Me: No officer, this is a full time job

VO: What is your title and what does your employer do

Me: I am Senior Software Engineer. My employer does xyz business and our products are         these abc, bbc. (Gave company brochure about products and sales details)

VO: Who is previous employer?

Me: abcd is my previous employer

VO: Why did you leave that job?

Me: New job is better opportunity for my career growth and is more relevant to my                      bachelor’s degree

VO: When did you join new employer?

Me: last week of Nov 2015

VO: Are you already paid by new employer?

Me: Yes, here are the initial two paystubs from new employer (Gave paystubs)

VO: You will receive your Visa in 3-5 business days (VO Gave a green paper that has                 instructions on how to track passport pick up from post office)


My case background: I am on H1B already for 5yrs and recently transferred to new employer

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Hello NP2020




Just a question regarding the Visa application confirmation where we receive from

on our scheduled appointment date.  Did you get the appointment confirmation number for vancouver or does it only include the date, time, D160 con number and passport # and instructions.


Kindly reply as i am scheduled for 1/19/2016 but have not received the conf# like i did in 2013.


It says 'Please verify your appointment details, shown below' but there is no link subject says 

"Yatri: U.S. DoS Visa Application Confirmation (action required)" so wondering what action is required.


Thank You


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Thanks for the post. I am planing to go for visa next month. I have few question related to Courier Selection, residence address while applying visa in VFS canada website. Do we need to give USA address or post office address in residence coloum and for passport pick up which address we have mention. 




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Hello Guys, 


As you guys know there is a lot of hype for crazy universities nowadays and i heard its  difficult for h1b candidates too , The immigration people ask a lot of questions and also visa office  while interviewing . 


Did you know if its really difficult for H1B candidates.?


My interview is next week and i m too scared. Do you hear any weird cases or any impacts (universities) on H1 B candidates 

PLease reply. I will appreciate the response 

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