H4 Visa expired.


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I came to US on H1 with my dependents (H4) on May 2nd 2015 (with Visa expiry for all of us @ 31 Dec 2015) .


Visa extension and amendment for all of us was filed by my employer in month of August in normal mode and its still in process.


My new employer filed for transfer in Dec last week in premium mode and my transfer petition was approved on 4th Jan 2016. My new employer missed out to apply for the extension for my dependents along with my transfer petition.


I got the extension on H1B up to Dec 2018 with new employer but my dependents H4 Visas expired by 31 Dec 2015 from my old employer. Now my new employer asked me to file for extension of dependents ( form I-539).


Question 1: Since their H4 Visas are expired, are my dependents legally allowed to stay in US?

Question 2: How much time it will take to get the extension after I 539 is filed, 

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