OPT denied, Can I goto Mexico for H4 stamping


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Hi Team,


My OPT was denied and denial email came last friday Jan 8th. I have been married for few moths now but have been waiting on my OPT outcome. I just got the denial email Still waiting on actual mail. But i know it was some documents that I did not file, and I do not have so I am not planning on MTR. Now I want to go for H4 stamping. My friend had a similar situation and her mail said she had 33 days to leave the country.


1. Am I incurring "illegal stay" or Out of Status

2. Will this(question 1) impact my H4 application.

3. I am planning on leaving at the earliest, however waiting to get my denial mail for documentation purposes.

4. Can I go to Mexico for H4 stamping, given I was F1 in the past. (repetitive question from past but reconfirming)

5. My education completed in March 2015 but My OPT application was hugely delayed, and I got RFE and later denial on Jan 8 2016. So will all this period be considered "illegal stay" or "out of status" 

6. Will (question 5) impact my H4 visa interview though I was waiting on the decision.






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