H1-B Protability Details


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My case is : I have a H1B petition with Company A for the time period 2013 to 2016. Company A was being merged to company B in 2015. they filed amendment plus H1B transfer for Company B in May 2015 which is still in progress. I was on COmpany B payroll.

Due to the changes in End Client policy , I got offer from Company C to continue the same job and filed another h1-B transfer in November 2015 on regular processing. Now I m on company C payroll. Recently I got permanent position offer from ENd client.


Note: I am working with the same end client since 2014.



1. Is it valid to move or file one more h1_b transfer with ENd client and move to their payroll? can I accept the offer?

2. what would be the case if any one of the H1-B petition denies?


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