H1b cap-exempt to cap-subject after six years on h1b


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I have been working on H1b for more than six years. Currently I am on my h1b extension beyond 6th year based on I-140 processing. When my h1b was applied it wasn't counted against cap as my employer is cap exempt. I know that only way to get more than 6 years is only when I leave country for a year and come back or based on green card processing but my question is -  can I switch jobs to cap subject employer and apply for another 3 year H1b without leaving country? 

Thanks in advance

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Hey JoeF,


Thanks for your response. I understand the process but my question is whether I am even qualified for that process at this time, since I already used up 6 year H1b with cap exempt employer. (please refer my first thread in this post to understand my status better).



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