H4->H1 Stamping on H4 & Current Status


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I didnt find any suitable post here that talks about my situation and so posting here:


I came to US on H4. I filed for H4 extension and got approved till Dec, 2016. In Jun,2015 i filed for H1B and COS and got approved till 2018. Due to personal issues i didn't work till date and don't have SSN.so no paystubs


I am planning for India and want to attend for H4 Stamping based on my H4 extn approved till Dec,2016.


1. Can i go for H4 stamping? 

2. Will there is any issues based on my situation?

3. Is the VC aware of my H1 Approval?

4. What should i answer when the VC asks me about my current status.


Thanks in Advance

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