Changed visa status from H4 to H1-b with COS by direct hire company(employer)which got approved as well.


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Hello Sir/Madam,


I have a small query regarding my case .I came to US with H4 on June 2015 against my husband H1B which is valid till 2017 now.


Recently i was offered a nice employment offer from a direct hire company XYZ.

So my employer applies my H1-B visa with COS under Cap Exemption Process (Premium Processing) which got approved as well (H1-b Visa Valid from Dec 15 2015 to Dec 16 2016.)


But now my employer has no project though they said they are looking for me and inform me once they get a Client end letter.


And hence I haven't reported them yet (which means Not Joined the company yet)  i,e not yet came into their payroll .


As per my knowledge , If i haven't reported them yet , not joined the employment also as I'm waiting for a new project , 60 days is applied for me where I will be NOT OUT OF STATUS as its H1-B COS got approved .But Im not sure.


So kindly help me to answer .....Will USCIS 30/60 rule applies for me here ? If yes  , is it the 60 days time period I have to join the employment after my H1-B got 


approved or the 30 days ?


Also is it Calender days of 60 /30 days which included saturday and sundays as well?




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