H4-H1B, LNU FNU issue in I797 and I94


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Hi Team


I entered in States last year on H4 and after which my H1B petition approved,COS.


When I entered my name appears on I-94 & H4 Visa as:


Given Name: XXXXXXX

Last Name: FNU


But the approved I-797 along with I-94 has different last name:


Given Name: XXXXXXX

Last Name: LNU


With this difference I am facing issue to get my Social card as the verification is pending to Homeland Security department from last 2 months. We contacted state USCIS to change the name as per the H4 visa stamp and I-94 (Last Name-FNU) but they replied "Not Possible" and ask to go back to home country and get the H1B stamp with correct name and then enter.


Please help if there is any other way to get it resolved the issue without leaving the country.

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