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I have a valid h1-b with company A till Sep 2016. Company A is merged with company B and filed H1-B Transfer( A to B Transfer) for Company B in May 2015. It is still in process. I am getting Pay from Company B one month delay.

Ex: I worked for January 2015 , i will get pay in March pay check for the period January.


I got a new offer from Company C and second H1-b Transfer (company B to company C)is Initiated. 


what is the better time to inform my previous employer regarding the change of Employer?


what would be the case if I join to company C in January and waits for one month to inform about my employment change to previous Employer(Company C) so that I can get my previous month(December)  pay in February.


Thanks in Advance



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I am on H1b 5th year. During my first 3 years I was in india. 1 mont before my visa expire I was in US & applied for extension & got approved.

From last 3 months my employer has not run my payroll. I am on biweekly payroll. My 5 paycheck are still pending . 

When I asked about my payroll, he keeps on saying that he had done investment in Canada & company is facing some financial issues. 

Every time I follow up he credits few amounts to my account without running payroll.

I am planning to travel to india in sept.

I have to go for stamping as well .

Will, not running payroll will be an issue during stamping ?

Is there any law which helps me to get my pending payrolls from my employer without effecting my status ?

If I transfer visa to new employer then can I still work with my old employer ?


Pls reply. Thanks in advanced.

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On H1, you have to get paid all the time. You won't get a visa if you don't get paid. And you can't transfer to another employer, either.

File a complaint with DOL on form WH4. The DOL will make the employer pay you. A pending WH4 allows you to transfer to a new employer.

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