H1 & H4 Visa Drop box scenario...


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I would be travelling to India and need some expert advice & experiences to sort out my scenario;


I recently changed my employer (lets say, Employer B) and my current I-797(from Employer B) is valid until 2018. My last stamping was in early 2013 and that H1B stamping (from Employer A) expired in the end of 2013. Immediately after that my H1B was extended by my previous employer (lets say, Employer A) for which my I-797 is valid until the end of 2016. I understand the same scenarios reflects with my wife's H4 visa. I am trying to figure out if I am eligible for a Drop Box in Mumbai Consulate or I had to have a face to face interview scheduled? In either case what are the processing time.


PS: To be very clear, my wife's and my last trip outside the US was early 2013.



Thanks in advance for the assistance.




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