H4 approval document for applying H4 EAD


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I was on H1 visa before which i abandoned it and got a H4 visa stamping when i traveled to India. I am currently on H4 visa stamping, but does not have approval notice (a physical copy).  


Below is the brief history of my status


1) h4 - Dec 2009 - Jun - 2010

2) F1-  Jul 2010 - Aug 2012

3) F1 OPT - Sep 2012  - Sep 2014

4) H1 - Oct 2014 - May 2015 == > Traveled to India in May and came back with H4 visa stamping in June 2015 based on my spouse valid H1.

5) H4 June 2015 - till date


For H4 EAD application what document should i be sending as proof of H4 approval document?.  Is the Change of status application still required?.





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