Advise H1B 1st Time Stamping


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Hi Experts,

Just wanted to seek your advise on my 1st H1B visa stamping. I have come to US in 2007 Dec on F1 and I have graduated from Silicon Valley University California. Since then I have been working on OPT and then moved on H1B. This would be my 5th year into my H1B on EVC model. Now the question is

Question: I am planning to go for stamping in Vancouver or Toronto, Canada. How safe is this approach?

Question: The Client whom I am working for does not provide client letters, But I have a letter from vendor saying that "Client policies does not provide letters to its consultants", in this case what would be your advise?

Question: As mentioned above, I have graduated from SVU, California. With recent cases on issues @ POE; with students being sent back, will I have any impact on my H1B stamping?


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