H1 to H4 to H1?


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Hi I am layed off from my current employer, my last working day is a week from now.Company has said they will inform USCIS after that for my lay off.

I am currently married and my wife has H1B. Also I have a offer from other company (in different state then where my house is). I am also giving interviews for few reputed big local companies - whose interview process is really long.

I want to know for time being

1. Should I go to H4 and when I get a offer from local company change it back to H1?

2. Or change to other state H1B and then change back to local H1B when I get an offer from them?

Please advice as H4 and h1B transfer times are around 2-3 months, what is the least complicated and safe option in terms of timing?

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