Successful Visa Stamping - Chennai Dec 29


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Thanks to everyone who have been contributing to this forum. This forum has been extremely helpful for my interview preparation. 



1. F1 stamping in Chennai in 2005

2. F1 to H1 stamping in Mexico 2006, Employer A - EVC model

3. H1 Renewal stamping in Canada 2012 Employer B - EVC model


This is my 2nd H1 renewal stamping with the same employer on EVC model. Interview slot was at 8 AM and we were allowed into the consulate around 7:40 AM



Me: Good morning Officer ( Gave my passport and I-797)

VO: Good morning, will you be working for the same employer

Me: Yes

VO: Will you be working at a client place?

Me: Yes, Client name is .....

VO: Whats your annual salary?

Me. ....

VO: Whats your highest degree?

Me: ,,,,,,

VO: Your VISA is approved


The interview was pretty easy and I wasn't asked for any other documents and was out of the consulate before 8:30. The reason I am posting my experience is to boost your confidence level. Good luck and be confident. 


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