Visa interview after apply H1B amendment


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I have a valid H1B till 2018. Due to change of client, my company applied for H1B amendment which got approved. After approval i came to india. I am now eligible for dropbox. But my issue is, I have not yet got my approved documents from USCIS. My lawyer is ready to send them to India immediately after they receive it. But since my vacation is getting over in a week

1) Should I wait for original H1B amendment for dropbox?

2) If so, should I update create another DS 160 with latest petition number ?

Please help.

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Thanks Jarichi. My attorney said I can go with my old approval and mention this. I am not very sure about though. Cannot find any links either on this. The problem is , my vacation is getting over and I have to plan accordingly. Starting third week, I won't be eligible for dropbox either.

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