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Hello All,


I filed my H1B extension in July 2015 and my application is still in progress. Now i want to upgrade it to Premium Processing, but my question is can I change any document i provided earlier, while I upgrade it to premium?? To be more clear - the initial application was filed and the end client letter I provided stated that my contract is only till May 2016. But right now my contract is extended and can go till end of 2017/2018 too. So Can i provide a revised end client letter with a new contract end date while i upgrade my application to Premium.


Just a FYI that I have not changed the client, so the revised letter is with the same client at the time of initial filing. 



Guys would appreciate if you have any information or insights on this. Have a good day 

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We've had some success with providing "updated" documents like this along with a premium processing "upgrade" request. It seems like the Premium Processing unit will frequently consider documents provided this way (although they have never told us one way or the other what their policy is) so it is worth a try. 

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