H4 to F1 COS - Medical Break for First Term on F1 Status


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I've started pursuing Masters at a University in California in May 2015 being on H4 status. I've got my Change of Status from H4 to F1 approved by USCIS in October 2015, while my current term at the University started in September 2015. Hence the University officials confirmed to change my status on file effective Spring 2016 which would then reflect as my first Trimester on F-1 status(by then I will be completing 2 trimesters being on H4 status). 


I'm an expectant mom and would need to take a Trimester break for Spring 2016(January - April 2016, as the baby due date is in January last week). As per University Officials, I'm not supposed to take a break for the first trimester as an F-1 student, hence they suggested I apply for a Medical Leave of Absence for one term - Spring 2016. I'm currently in process of acquiring the same, collecting supporting letter from my doctor. 


Please advise if my situation of taking a break for the first term as F1 student would affect me maintaining the F1 student status in USA(considering I've already completed 2 terms at the University being on H4 Visa status?).


University officials confirmed that I can take a Medical Leave of absence for one whole term, without attending any classes, given my situation of childbirth. Can anyone please confirm if this would affect my legal status of being on F1 visa, as I will be taking a break for the first term as an F1 student?


Looking forward for any confirmation/advise on my current situation.



Thanks & Regards,


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