Risks of going for first Time h1B Stamping after 5years and DS160 Form related question - URGENT.


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Hi Experts,


Need you input /opinion on my questions below. Please advise at your earliest convenience. I will be grateful to you. Thanks.



H1B Stamping related Question-


I am going for first time H1B visa stamping after 5 years. Are there any concerns or issues that may come up due to this time lag? I have been working as a full time employee with my current employer for the past 2 years. Let me know if there are any risks of going for First time H1B Stamping after a period of 5 years. What questions may come up during the visa interview? 



DS 160 Form Question –


Current employer has just yet filled Labor petition for my case. However I have received I-140 approval last month from my previous employer. If I say YES to Question “Has anyone ever filed an immigrant petition on your behalf with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services?”  then what are the risks?  What should I specify in Explain text box?


Thanks much.

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