I-130, NVC approved application sent back to USCIS

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My sis is a US citizen through naturalization and she have applied Green card for my parents. They are currently in India.


Their I130 application was approved without any issues. We have applied for Immigrant visa and have received a confirmation on 4th June 2015 that our application has been received and is in processing. There has been no update from NVC since then. I would like to know how much time it will take and if I can apply their visit visa while NVC is processing our immigrant visa.


We contacted NVC at their email id AskNVC@state.gov<mailto:AskNVC@state.gov> and below is their response. They said that the application was sent back to USCIS. We contacted USCIS and USCIS said that the application is with the Department of state. Please let me know, who would be the correct contact to provide us a status of the visa. Any thoughts or suggestions?


NVC reply:


We returned immigrant visa petition BMBXXXXXXXXXXXX to U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). If you have more questions about this case, please contact USCIS.


USCIS case status:


Case Was Sent To The Department of State: On January 22, 2015, we sent your case, Receipt Number XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX, to the Department of State for visa processing. Please visit our website for general information on Consular Processing.

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