Misdemeanor speeding ticket .How to fill up I 485 form.


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I got cited for a misdemeanor speeding ticket in IL (601.5b).

The ticket mentions Misdemanor speeding. there were no other aggravating factors.

Just the speeding was above 26+ miles hence misdemeanor speeding.

I was not arrested but have a mandatory court visit.

Have hired a traffic attorney who has sais that since my drivig record is clean, he can reduce it to petty speeding or court supervision and there wuldnt be a conviction on my record.

However, I am now concerned about how I should fill up my I 485 form question related to


Have you ever been cited, charged,convicted .........of violating any ordinance other than traffic

violations ?


A lay man like me considers this to be a traffic violation..that was my initial gut unless I started

searching on the internet and just landed up getting more confused.


Has any one been in a  similiar situation like me ?


What should I answer to this question while filing up my I 485 form ? (yes/no) ?


Will this cause issues in getting my green card ?

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