COS from H4 to F1 rejected at stamping in India


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I went to US on H4 and applied for COS to F1 in my master's 2nd semester. My COS from H4 to F1 is approved by USCIS. I have completed 3 semesters in my master's( 2 semesters on H4 and 1 semester on F1). Now I am in India to visit my parents. But my F1 visa got rejected when i went for stamping in Hyderabad. Now i have scheduled for another interview immediately (within 20 days) as i have flight back to US in Jan 2016.


Going for 2nd time is a good decision?

What should i do if i get rejected for 2nd time too? Can i go back to US on my H4?

Can i apply for COS again after going back to US on H4?

Will i face any problem in immmigration after 2 rejections?


The possible reason for my rejection:

2 years back, i have applied for B1/B2 visa in India along with my parents to visit my sister who lives in US. My parents got the visa, but mine is rejected as i was pursuing MBA at that time.

But, i discontinued my MBA after my 1st year as i got married and moved to US on H4 visa. 


Now, in my interview, i was asked about my MBA. They asked me what am i doing today? I said i am pursuing Master's in Computer Science. They say my record says my degree is in MBA and now i am saying its Master's in computer science and they rejected my visa. They didn't gave me any chance to explain.

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