Withdrawal of H1B filed amendment petition


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Hi All,

I have a valid approved petition and stamped visa till April 2017. Early this year, I got promoted one level in my current company while working for same client and same location. According to new amendment policy, amendment should be raised only there is significant role change. My company filed amendment on June 17 when the new rule came up and was not sure in what cases amendment should be raised. Later (after filing my amendment), we got a mail from our employer that there is no need for amendment if there is a role change of 1 level (which is my case). I am planning to switch employer soon and petition is not approved till now. I requested possibilities of withdrawing the filed amended petition since I already have a valid approved petition till April 2017 and there is no need for amendment for role change of 1 level. I would like to know

1.     If we withdraw the filed amended petition, will it cause any issues in transfer or further extensions?

2.     How long does it take for USCIS to withdraw the petition once my employer filed for withdrawal?

3.     Which is better option, withdrawing the amended petition from employer A  and proceeding with transfer from employer B or initiating the transfer from employer B while amendment from employer A is still in progress.



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