H4 Stamping in India


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Both myself and my wife has approved I-797 for H1B and H4 visas. My wife traveled to India November this year and I am in USA now. While travelling I have given her the approved H4 I797. 


My question is, when I arrange for her stamping in India, what documents she needs.


Also, I have seen an appointment letter is required for her to carry to the US consulate for stamping interview. Who will issue this appointment letter? 


My son is in India now and he is a US passport holder. I assume he does not need any VISA processing/stamping while entering back to USA. Can you please confirm this as well?



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u need to fill DS160 for your wife and not for ur kid to get your appointment  barcode confirmation and after that take with barcode details, you need to take appointment in ustraveldocs website.


ur son doesnot need any visa as he is citizen, did u have his POI/OCI card to travel to n fro to india?


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She needs copy of your I797 , pay stubs and w2. You wife also have to carry her previous existing H4 approvals 


Appointment letter will be generated when you schedule a visa appoinment. She needs to carry appointment letter and also DS 160 confirmation 


If you son is a US passport holder, he dont need to go for VISA 

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