Travel back to US, visa stamping needed?


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Hello Friends


Changed employers, already got new approved h1b petition till 2018 but old visa stamp till Aug 2016 for old employer.. My wife and child needs to travel to India and coming back to US in April 2016 with less than about 4 months remaining as per her H4 visa stamp, but we have got new approved petition for new employer.


1) Does she needs visa stamping before travelling back to US?

I already searched here, and found replies that not needed but did not find replies where there was employer change, hence the question.


2) Does USCIS or customs protection or POE etc provides any documentation online which speaks about this?


 Wife/kid is travellng so asking the question. Thanks for any help!

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For a person entering on H4, the important thing, besides a valid visa, is that the primary person is in valid H1 status.

So, as long as the visa is valid, no new stamping is needed.

What the officer at the POE may want to see is that you are in valid H1 status, which a copy of your H1 approval notice can show.

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