H1b - Interview Experience - Hyderbad


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Day 1 : Visa OFC Went to finger prints, and joined the line, passport and Gmail confirmation page of appointment times were checked and sent in and was given a token and called,


What the purpose of the travel,

What time is your interview tomorrow

And took a photo graph and asked me to have fingers scanned

Day 2 :

Questions asked :-

Me: Smiling and said Hello Mam, how are you?

VO: I'm good, how about you?

Me: I'm good. Do you care to see my i797?

VO: I didn't ask you.

.....A long pause, and she is trying to pull up my profile on her system......

VO: Looking at the passport, you haven't been to United States before right, wait..

Me: I interrupted and said, I have been to United States before, done my masters there.

VO: When did you graduate?

Me: told

VO: what were you doing after that?

Me: I started working for my employer

VO: So who is your employer?

Me: xxx inc

VO: How long you been with this employer

Me: xx months

VO: who's your client

Me: told

VO: are you with the same employer and same client after you graduate?

Me: yes

... She placed my passport in the basket and I assumed I can celebrate now....

VO: are you married or single?

Me: No I'm single

VO: Do you have plans for marriage?

Me: it's not fixed yet

VO: When you would like to get married ?

Me: may be next year.

VO: smiling and told good luck with that and said I'm good to go.

Me: Thank you, bubye.

VO: bye

Through out the interview I was very confident and tried to speak in American accent which she can understand properly and she never asked me to repeat any of my answers. I also maintained the American accent.

One thing I also noticed is the wait times for joint visa appointments (wife+husband+child) is very fast they won't stop them to sit here and there.

1 mistake I made is going to stand in the line 1 and half hours before my scheduled time. I seriously would like you guys to go just half an hour before your scheduled time. It doesn't matter if you go late too, cuz the security guys over there will keep calling your slot times like , 8.00 and 8.30 people please come forward. I have seen people coming late and didn't wait in line and went inside quickly, a lesson to learn for me. Once we enter the outside line, we will be again waiting for security, after the security you will be called forward and your passports will be checked and will again make you wait by asking you to sit, and then you will be called to join the interview line, I saw like 8 counters with visa interviews. No tokens nothing..don't carry sealed envelopes this will result you in 2 times of security checking..

Be confident and keep a smile you will rock.

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