Is it safe for me to travel during semester breaks while on CPT


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hello everybody, hope alls well at your ends. I have an important question. I am about to complete third semester of my MS in CS & planning to go India after it for 23 days ( which is at the end of the Dec ). But currently I am on CPT which will be gonna end at the end of this semester, also in my previous semester I did CPT. Also I changed my school which is in the same city (just 5 mile away from each other ), So for this I already get my travel documents ( travel i20 ) from my school on which it is written " CPT employment " in the current authorization column of third page of i20. So is it safe for me to travel India, do immigration deptt. have any issue? secondly what travel documents shall i need to carry apart from travel i20 which I already have. Appreciated for your precious responses.
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