I 140 Dec 2014 Filed - TSC delay


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My I140 filed on and received by Texas Service Center on Dec 22 , 2014 .

There is no progess on the status of the case. I checked with my employer and my employer has asked the attroney to check with USCIS , Attrorney's office  raised  a Service Request on Nov 13 , 2015 . Got the confirmation number for the SR , its been more than a month after raising an SR but still there is no update on the status .

Attorneys office has sent an email to tsc.followup by the attorneys office a week ago , but there is no response on it .


Can anyone please suggest me what further steps can we take to get this process going.

Is converting it to Premium at this point make sense or any difference at this point .( i am not sure if attorneys office is going to convert to premium)


Thanks in advance.


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