H1 stamping


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Wanted to know the best option to travel to india for a vacation in 02/16, come back and work.


I came to USA in 12/12 on H4 visa and received H1B in 10/14. I did not work between 10/14 and 09/15 due to pregnancy.


Now I have H1b valid till 08/17(not stamped in passport) and H4 I797 valid till 11/16(stamped till 12/13.


1. Is it best to go and get H4 stamping, come back and do COS to H1 ?

2. will there be any questions asked on H1 or my overstay during H4 stamping?

3. Will there be any issues at port of entry If I come in H4?

4. or is it best to go for H1b stamping?

5. Will my H1 get approved considering my overstay period?

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