i94 and h1b transfer question


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I got h1b visa stamped this year and have valid visa until Aug'2017. I travelled to India in May'2015 India and i got i94 until Nov'2015 (since, my passport is getting expired in nov'2015)

I moved to new company in Aug'2015 and i got h1b transfer approved. My new I-797 says I-94 expiry in June'2018. I also renewed my passport.  I have two questions:


1) Since, my i-94 expired in Nov'2015, i didnt travel out-of-country because as i told i got h1b transfer with new company with new i94 from USCIS until June'2018. Is this going to be an issue for me since i didnt go out of country before nov'2015 ?


2) I am planning to visit INDIA next month, do i need to go for h1b visa stamping again ? 


Kindly please help. Thanks. 

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