Transfer credits from discontinued bachelors in India


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    My wife had a backlog after she came out of college in 2007 in India from JNTU, Hyderabad. She then came to US and never attempted to take the exam again. I know she will be allowed for 4 to 6 years after 2007 to attempt the backlog which she never did.


We now wanted to see if there are any universities where she can transfer most of her credits from bachelors and then sign up for rest of the credits and get a bachelors degree from US. Her major earlier was electronics and communications, but now open for any major. She basically now wants a bachelors degree because we are planning on applying a H1 for her. She also worked as quality analyst for one of the smaller firms in India for 4 years who never did a background check of her education.


Please suggest any ideas which would help us getting an bachelors degree for her quickly or any ideas on how to apply H1 for her.



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