Doubt in Visa Stamping Interview


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         Earlier Company X (US Consultancy) applied a H1B Petition for me and it got approved (Valid from 2010 to 2013 and I was in India that time) - I did not go for Stamping with that Petition, also I did not join Company X. 


         My current company (India) applied a Cap Exempt H1B based on the previous petition and petition got approved as well, I am having Visa Interview scheduled in this week. I read in internet that there will be a question like "Is this your first H1B visa"? My doubt is whether I need to answer yes as my previous petition was not stamped at all or I should consider the old petition and I should answer No - Could any one please clarify me with this?


        Also, if VO ask why I didn't stamp the petition last time or why I did not join that company what I should answer?




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