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I currently hold a Bachelors Degree from US. Post that I had got an H1B for 3 years and then had it extended to another 3 years. In my 5th year of H1B I moved back to India. Below is my eligibility Query.

1. Can I apply for another H1B or is there a limit to how many times one can get H1B?

2. If I decide to do an MBA from a university that is accidited and is on the list of recognised universities that qualifies for Masters H1B Quota (additional 20,000 cap)? Will I be entitled for the same even if I do a MBA instead of Masters in Engineeing or IT? My understanding is that the masters has to be in the field of engineering etc not Business.

Please suggest and thank you for your assistance in advance. Regards

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You don't say when you moved back to your home country.

An H1 is limited to 6 years.

To get another 6 years, you have to stay abroad for a year, and then a new H1 under the quota can be filed.

For the Advanced Degree quota, the degree has to be from a public or non-profit private, accredited university. The field of the degree doesn't matter.

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