H1B transfer pending since 5+ months, Need to travel to India from USA


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Hello SIr,


I joined Company B on 27th July 2015. I was working with Company A prior to that. My first H1B was approved in April 2013 and It started in Oct 2013. It is valid till 16th August 2016. It has Company A's name on it.


I have trip to india planned rom 24th Dec 2015. (Traveling to Mumbai from SFO) and Back to SFO from Mumbai on 16th Jan 2016. As My H1B transfer has not complete yet and I dont want to put Premium processing charges on my own (as my company is not willing to pay for it), Is it still Recommended to travel in this situation ? Please let me know all possibilities and your view on this. If you have handled such cases earlier please feel free to provide that information also.


Please let me know ASAP.

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