H1B Visa Stamping Advise needed


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Hello all,


I scheduled an appointment with fifteen days time gap between my visa appointment and finger prints scan date and I am getting married in between. 

Please advise on the following questions.


1) Do we need to submit DS160 before going to finger prints?


2) I am getting married in between, so will I mention my marital status as married or not in DS160?


Q3) Is there any way that I can change finger prints date without changing stamping appointment date?


Thanks in advance!

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1.You should  have DS160 confirmation for finger prints and visa. 15 days is not a problem.

2.You can mention it as married as you'll be married by the time you are attending interview. 

3. You can reschedule the appointment but it will cancel both your appointments and you have to select new dates for both VISA and fingerprints. 


good luck and congrats on your marriage :) 

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