H1B Visa Stamping @ hyderabad - Administrative process since September 29, 2015 (70 days)


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Hi Friends


Issued 221G white slip in Hyderabad consulate. Interview happened on September 29, 2015. 

My status still shows admin processing more than 70 days.


Interview questions:

Who is your petitioner?

- xxxxxx


What is your annual salary?

- $$$$$


How many years of experience of you have?

- xx years


What is your job title?



VO: Do you have a copy of Approved 797.


I gave the Original 797 copy.


VO: you can collect original 797 and passport after 2 days.


V0: Check the computer for 2 mins than said need to go thru administrative processing,

VO: here is your case number for tracking

VO: follow the instruction on the letter for tracking your case


Gave the 221(g) letter


For H4


When is your marriage day?

- xxxxxxxxx



Returned all the documents including passports.


If anyone got 221G @Hyderabad, Please update your details we can maintain track.


No response for emails.


Please guide me.


Thank you for your time.

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