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After approval of H1b petition i recieved i-797 and I went for visa stamping. On interview day recieved 221g form. Employer asked to submit-detailed description of porject work and my role in it etc., and employer submitted it. later RFE was requeted by embassy and employer again replied to RFE. Surprisingly USCIS has re-opened my petition and sent the re-opened notice. Further "Intent to Revoke Notice" was sent in my case. Please advice for the below quiries in the present situation. Am still in india not yet joined my US employer in india.


1) Can i get my petition transfered by another employer in USA

2) How to get my current petition re-instated and get my current visa approved.

3) If my employer does't give appropriate reply to Revoke notice what is the option available to retain my approved H1b petition.




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1)You can transfer your I797 to another employer while youre in india. If its approved, you can go for visa interview one more time. 

2) Employer can get it reaffirmed. Friend of mine had similar case and he was able to get it reaffirmed later and go for visa again 

3) it gets revoked but you have an option to apply for transfer. 

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