Urgent: I-140 Missed RFE deadline


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Hi , 


       My labor(perm appl.) was  approved on May 15 and filed I140   on July 24 . 


Received 1st Rfe on Aug 19 with 60 days response time. 


We responded 1st Rfe on oct  7 and case was updated on Oct 20 with 2nd Rfe and given 

30 days time i.e till Nov 20  to respond. 


But we missed the date and it is now more than 2 weeks .


My question is what are the options do I have now. 


 1. Can Attorney  still send the rfe documents to USCIS  explaining with valid reasons why it was delayed.  ( Already 2 weeks passed from 2 rfe response date) . 


 2. Or only  I140 can be refiled  ?


 3. Does  the procedure  need to be started from labor again as missed deadline  I140  rfe.


 Please post your valuable suggestions. 












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