VISA Stamping at HYD, India


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Please advise me, is this good idea to attend the VISA Stamping at Hyd, India. I am planning to go for my brother marriage, i am working as EVC - Model, since 3 years with same client, Previous visa completed on Mar-2010, this is my third visa stamping.

My Priority date: 15-JAN-2008 (Labor Date)

Current H1B Valid until: 29-JUN-2012

I really appreciate for your advises...!



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I would suggest no for Hyd for sure,

From my personal Experience,

even though i produced all the documents with direct employment, the VO still asked me to submit the same set of documents she saw during the interview at the VFS office for further review.

With your case of EVC model, You need to be very lucky.

Please think before you take this step.

Good Luck,

Just sharing my thoughts. Because this is what i would suggest for my friend or any family member specially when the Visa category is H1B.

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