H1B from Employer A revoke and transfer from Employer B


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Hi ,


I am working with Employer A in india but no project has been allocated. 

Then left the organisation . 


Company B offer to join them in US and there they will do the transfer. 


Please clarify the following points - 


- If i will travel with H1B visa of Employer A and Employer A I797 copy . even though i am not working with Employer A anymore in india.   Then there will not be any issue at port of entry?


- if i reach the US and employer will find the project after 6 week or so then Employer B will be able to do the transfer since i dont have the pay stubs of last weeks and was not on payroll of any company in intial 6 week after first time enter into US on H1B . Will that be a problem.


- if Employer A revoke the H1 before my H1 transfer begin in US then what will happen in this situation.


- if Employer A revoke the petition before entering into US or before the check at port of entry . 

What will happen into this situation.


Please reply ASAP.

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