Travelling to India without H4 approval


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I was on H1B till September 2015 and decided to take break from work so I filed H1B to H4 in August 2015. But my H4 approval is still pending and I have to go to india by end of this month becoz of some family issue. 


I know I can still go and get new H4 visa stamped in Mumbai, India at consulate as my current H4 process will be abandoned.


But I have below concerns as I had bad experience with my H1B stamping few years ago and stuck 4 months in India becoz of that.


1) Is it safe to go without H4 Approval ? or should I wait ?

2) If officer asks question regarding my current visa status  what should I reply?

3)  Am I considered out of status during those 4 months (Sept to December) once I fly to India as my H4 is pending and will be abandoned.


Pls share your experience of stamping if any body faced similar situation like me.




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