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I am a GC holder since November 2011 and so are my wife and daughter. Due to emergency health issues in family (first mother-in-law followed by my father) we had to temporarily relocate to India in September 2014 i.e. 34 months after becoming LPR and are out of the USA since then. We carry re-entry permit which is valid till January 2017. Things are settling down in family and we look forward to return to the USA in Spring 2016. Will this stay outside the country impact my GC status? I also want to understand our eligibility for citizenship upon our return in 3 to 4 months from now. What will we need to present at POE as a proof for staying out for about 18 months? What can we do to ensure citizenship clock is not reset?


FYI - my 2nd daughter is born citizen of USA.


Please help.

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