H1B Stamping @ Mumbai with documents of previous project


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Hi everyone-


I needed some help to decide for H1B visa stamping @ mumbai with my current scenario.

So, I had filed for my H1B extension in mid 2015 while I was on a project and it got extended till mid 2018. This project then ended in August and I got a new project (current) in September for which amendment was not filed. it is also going to end next week.


Now, I wanted to know if I can plan for stamping in India in december with documents that were filed for the H1B while i was on previous project. I have checked my current payslip and luckily they have the address of previous project.


I have checked with my employer as well, they said they had certified the LCA with my current ending project and they want to check if it will be an issue.


Please let me know how safe it is, with my situation, to go for stamping.






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