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Hello all,


My name is Sunny. I have a question regarding my OPT case. I applied for the opt this year and I got a RFE asking me to provide some documents related to the Masters I have pursued. I provided all the details to the college and they replied back to the USCIS. Later, I got a notice from USCIS saying that my OPT is denied. USCIS mentioned that I was not authorized to work for a certain period(i.e. for 3 months) because they thought that my school's DSO did not authorize me to work for that time period, WHICH is not TRUE. I contacted my school's DSO and they sent me the letter saying that I was authorized to work for that particular period of time mentioned by USCIS,


So I asked my attorney to open the motion to reopen for my case and this happened 4 months back. I am waiting for the USCIS decision and it is still showing the case was received status. My F1 visa is about to expire next week, so how long can I stay in the US? Can I stay in the US until I receive any decision from USCIS? Please let me know. 




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