Expired H1B, Currently on L1B, Need Advice


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I came to US in May 2008 on H1B and worked for my employer till Oct 2009. I had to leave to my home country and stayed for 5 weeks and came back again in Dec 2009 on L1B visa for the same employer.

My H1B petition/visa expired on Feb 2010. I am currently with the same employer and have L1B visa till Aug 2012.


1. Can I renew my expired H1B (as of Feb 2010) for a new employer?

2. Will I come under the 2011 H1B cap again?

3. Or should the new employer apply for a new H1B exempt from cap?

4. Can I start my employment with new employer immediately if my H1B gets approved or should I wait till Oct 1 2011?

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