Successful Stamping in Ottawa Nov 29


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Hi Guys,

I would like to thank the entire community for the valuble inputs. They helped me a lot.


My profile:

MS Information Systems - done in 2013 Dec.

Changed University after coming to US with in first week.

Worked for four years in India in IT field.

Worked on OPT since March 2014. H1 piked in first attempt. Same client and employer - EVC model.

First H1 for my employer.(Small Company)



1.  What did you do for Masters?


2. You didnt stay at your original University for very long, did you?

No, I left for the second university as soon as I landed here.

I got both the I20's and I prefered the second one to this because of the course.


3. Who is your client?

I showed him the Client letter because he did not understand the name through the glass.


4. How long did you work for your client?

20 months.


5. How much do you make?

65K. He did not ask for any documents. Although I was prepared to answer questions about mismatcing Paystubs and Offerletter.


6. Where do you live?


7. How is the town you live in?


"Place your hand on the scanner. - Your Visa is approved". (He threw my passport in a bin)

He told me that I will get an email regarding where to pick up my passport.


There was an other H1b candidate before me. I think its his second or third renewal. He got approved too.

All the best guys, I think the visa interviewer changed in Ottawa.


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