Fresh Application for h1b while holding h4


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Hi, i am new to this group. Tried searching for the topic in forum, but couldn't get answer. My wife got the h1b petition and she is still in India and stamping is yet to be done . there is an opportunity now and the mnc asked to fill ds160 and expected to travel by January . she also filled ds160 for me for h4 visa. Both applications are in progress. I work for another mnc and i am nominated for next year h1b. Does holding for h4 visa impact the processing of h1b?i am not planning to travel with h4 until I hear the result of h1b. Please help

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one more clarification. while the new h1b is filed by my company, does it go through the normal h1b application or is it different since i hold h4?.something like status change?. do i need to inform my company that i have h4?

It is normal H1B and since you are in US it will be filed as change of status.

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