H1B Stamping after transfer to new employer (Layoff case)


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Here is my situation:


I got my H1B visa approved through xx company in April 2015 and it kicked in Oct 1 2015. I have scheduled stamping interview with consulate in India on Dec 14-15, 2015.


Now in last week off Nov 2015, I got laid off. Employment termination date is approaching soon. I had a talk with an attorney and got my options listed and decided to work on "H1B transfer" option. 


I would like to know after I transfer my visa to next employer, how do I straighten out interview situation? Now, my DS160 is submitted with xx company name on it also my address etc would change with my next employer.


Is it possible to edit DS160 form without cancelling it? If yes, how sooner/later I need to change it. 


Any advice in this regard would be highly appreciated.



Thank You. 

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