H1b Visa Stamping list of documents


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I am yet to receive my H1b petition approval notice and expected to receive it by next week in India. I am planning to go for stamping in 3rd week of Dec.


What are all the documents(document checklist) do I need to carry to go for stamping?


From Employer and Employee perspective. I need this information as my employer doesn't know much of it, but they are able to provide necessary documents whatever I ask them.





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1. Look at this website http://www.h1bwiki.com/h1-b-interview/

2. Go for a mock interview with a experience immigration lawyer. Don't worry about money. You can get stamping and get back the money you paid to lawyer in a day or may be less.

Mandatory Documents for H1-B Interview:
  • Original Passport
  • DS-160 Confirmation Page (Includes CEAC Bar Code)
  • Original HDFC Receipt
  • Copy of VFS Interview Letter (Interview Appointment Letter)
  • I-797, H1-B Approval Notices from current and all previous employers
  • Photocopy of entire current passport and previous passports if any, of all pages including blank pages
  • Original Signed Offer Letter from the employer with address filled in
  • Recent Photographs
Additional Documents for H1-B interview (For Consulting Job / Client Side Project):
  • Letter from Client Company regarding the project details, project length and other technical details. This needs to contain all the required information, which would convince the VO
  • Copy of contract between Client Company and Employer
  • Letter from Employer with detailed description of your roles and responsibilities
Other Additional Documentation necessary for H1-B interview:
  • All previous H1 petitions filed by your previous employers stating job title and job description
  • I-129 Document from Employer to USCIS
  • Income Tax returns from at least two previous US employers showing taxes paid
  • W-2 forms from at least two previous US employers
  • At least last two Pay stubs from your present employer. Most recent pay stub should not be more than 30 days old
  • Letter to USCIS by Employer
  • Photocopy of Social Security Number
  • Photo copy of Labor Condition Application (LCA) prepared by the Employer during H1-B Petition
  • Last 6 months Bank statements, showing the proof of your pay checks
  • Latest Resume
  • Photocopy of resume filed with first H1-B petition
  • Photocopy of front AND back of I-94 of your original Arrival/ Departure Card
  • All I-20’s and EAD Card for F-1 (if applicable), both front AND back of both documents
  • All academic certificates from school, college, university, degree and post-graduate degree certificates, mark-sheets and transcripts. This includes each of your final degree certificates. Please carry a photocopy of all the certificates, just in case
  • Experience letters from previous employers detailing working duration as well as skills employed
  • Recommendation Letters from previous employers/ clients, if available
  • H1-B sponsor’s last two year tax returns
  • H1-B sponsor’s unemployment wage reports
  • Photographs of your work location inside and out


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